So I wanted to introduce you all to my best friend! His name is Speckles! He’s very friendly, but he likes to get into my business all of the time. We play games and sleep together every night! He is very sweet and always makes me feel better!

photo 1 (1)

That’s right! I am pretty awesome! I climb the tree oh so fast, And then I pounce in a flash!

Get out of here Speckles! I’m trying to tell everyone about you!

Anyways, he is very kind. When all of the other Beanie Boo’s are sad or scared, he is always there to pat them on the back and cheer them up. He is also the one that provides food for all of them! He is very very fast, so he can catch food for everyone!

That’s only because I have longer legs than all of the other Beanie Boo’s! And my spots make me blend in! I am very fast, but very quiet. No one can hear me when I pounce!

Yes, we know Speckles. That’s what I was getting to.

Anyways, another reason why I love Speckles so much is because he loves Harry Potter, just like me! We watch a Harry Potter movie every night before we go to bed! It makes me happy to have a friend that loves Harry Potter as much as I do.

I do love Harry Potter!

Yeah, yeah. He is also a very good leader! Sometimes he scares me though. I almost think sometimes he is going to take over my house! Although, I know he never will.

Don’t doubt me.

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Shhhh! I’m taking over!

photo (1)

Hello everyone! I’m Peanut. Shhh, I’m taking over the blog today. I believe I am the best Beanie Boo out of all of them. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and why I am so special!

I was born on March 22nd! I don’t know exactly what year, because I don’t really know how old I am. I’m guessing I’m about 4 now! See, I lost my parents when I was very young. We got split up.

42-David-Lazar-Baby-Elephant-Walk (1)

I was born in a zoo with my parents and sibling, but one day I got taken away. The humans picked me up and put me in a truck and drove me away. It was a very long ride. When I arrived at my new home, there was all different kinds of animals there, ones that looked similar to me.

See, when I was born, I looked different from all of the other elephants. I have really big eyes and my head is bigger than normal. When I arrived at this place, all of the other animals were the same as me. They had really big eyes and heads. There were giraffes, penguins, lions, bunnies, everything! I was scared at first, but I made friends quickly.

Blueberry became my best friend. He’s a monkey. We did everything together! We played hide and go seek, had sleepovers, and even drew pictures! We had a blast. But suddenly, I was taken away again.

This time I was taken to a store. I was put on a shelf with all different animals again, but different ones. These weren’t the friends that I had made at my new home. I wasn’t there long though. Another human had picked me up and took me home with her.

At her house, there again, was a bunch of new animals. Not as many as my home or the store, but there were a lot. This time, I didn’t make friends with all of them though.

These animals seemed as if they had been there a long time, and I was the new kid. They didn’t like me. They didn’t talk to me or play with me. I think they talked about me behind my back too. I try to stay away from them as much as I can. The human likes me though. She lets me sleep in her bed sometimes or carries me around with her. She’s very nice. I like her.

I’ve decided I’m going to take over. Not the human, but all the other animals. I’ll teach them that I’m fun and how awesome I am. I will get them to like me.

Some people may think that I’m a bit small, but one day soon i’ll be strong and tall.


Who Knows? Who’s Gone?

Although I feel like Beanie Boo’s are not very well known, there seem to be a lot of blogs and discussion pages about not only Beanie Boo’s, but the whole Ty Production. One blog that seems to keep up to date with a lot of Ty’s News is They do a very good job at keeping discussion going and updating everyone on Ty news. So I highly suggest checking it out!

One thing that I think that needs to be recognized are all of the Beanie Boos who have gone into retirement! There are a lot that didn’t have a long journey and not many people know about them. I would like to take a moment to recognize all of these wonderful Boos.

Carrots – Medium Sized






These Boos are still available in some stores, but are rare. There are also some of the original Beanie Boos that were shut down because they believed they were too much like other animals from a different company. Although these poor guys are retired, there are still more to come!

What Do I Do?

Although I showed you how some younger children and adults use Beanie Boo’s, I failed to show you how I use them. I have already described that I mainly use my Beanie Boo’s for happiness. I love to cuddle up with them when I’m sad or upset, and they never fail to put a smile on my face. Although, that is my main use for them, I know how to have fun as well.

As I already said, I love to cuddle up and sleep with them at night when I’ve had a bad day.

But sometimes I take them outside and put them on my swing. They sit with me while I enjoy some free time and read or take a nap.

I like to think that they love the sun and summer. So when they’re in a good mood, I like to let them sunbathe.

Or when they’re in the mood to play or have fun. We sometimes climb trees or play hide-and-go-seek.

Lastly, Peanut is the only brave Beanie Boo. He likes adventure and to try new things. So on some ocassions, I let him drive around my neighborhood. 😮

Although some of this may seem strange, (and trust me, I know it is) it’s one of my hobbies and something that I enjoy. That is the purpose of this blog. I let people get to me for a while about my obsession and how it was weird or strange, but it’s something that I love and will never give up on. That’s what I want to teach others with this blog. Although I have a really strange and weird obsession for a teenager, who cares?

No Beanie Boo’s were hurt in this process or while doing these activities.

No Collector

You may not believe it, but my obsession with Beanie Boo’s has become quite normal. Sometimes I do carry them with me, I do cuddle up with them at night, and I can look at one for hours just to make me smile. But I do not flaunt them like I used to and I do not pretend that they are alive and “play” with them. I look at them as my stress relievers. Their big eyes and soft fur never fail to put a smile on my face.

Although my collection and obsession of Beanie Boo’s is very subtle, there are different ways that users use these cute little stuffed animals. For example, some people really do look at these little creatures as friends. The great thing about these creatures is they can please people of all ages.

I’m sure that these stuffed animals are made for younger children. Hence, the big eyes and smaller bodies. I know that many little kids get a lot of enjoyment out of these animals. Most children that collect Beanie Boo’s seem to “play” with them more and make real life situations with these characters. They sometimes use these animals to reflect their own life or make their own world out of it. Believe it or not, there are thousands of YouTube videos of little kids just playing with their Beanie Boo’s and making up scenarios.

Beanie Boo School

This is my favorite. BBC News ( Beanie Boo City News ) 4

Then there are collectors that are older, even adults. They tend to do more blogs and discussions about Beanie Boo’s than “playing.” A great example and blog to check out is It is not only about Beanie Boo’s, but everything Ty Production. It’s great to be able to go to different blogs or discussion pages and talk to others about the same hobby or obsession that you have.

Beanie Boo’s have a different purpose to every collector. No collector is the same.

My Beginning to Most Recent

To start off this blog, I want to share my first experience with Beanie Boo’s and my most recent experience. The first time I discovered a Beanie Boo was in June of 2011. I was shopping with my best friend and we wandered into “Five Below.” If you don’t know what this store is, it is a little miscellaneous shop filled with all kind of merchandise that are five dollars or below. My friend and I were taking interesting in all kind of things, until I ran into a spinning shelf filled with all different kinds of stuffed animals. I was automatically intrigued by their small bodies and big eyes. I skimmed through the shelf looking at all of these different creatures. I soon found out that these were Beanie Boo’s. I spent at least fifteen minutes picking each one of them up, feeling their soft fur and admiring them. After my moment of happiness I picked out my first Beanie Boo, Blueberry.


His light purple fur and tiny body kept my excited for days. I carried him everywhere with me, even to school. I still look at him to this day and can’t help but smile. Ever since that day I have continued to collect Beanie Boo’s and how have a collection of over thirty. I still carry them with my places and can always just hold one in my arms when I am scared.

Recently, I was looking up information on Beanie Boo’s for this blog when I came to the TY website. I saw a tiny add advertising the “Talking Beanie Boo” app. I automatically went to my iPhone and downloaded the app. The app features the zebra Beanie Boo, Zig Zag. Let me just tell you, this app is amazing. You can talk to Zig Zag and he will record everything you say and repeat it. I recently left this out in one of my classes and when people talked, he would repeat everything you say. Let’s just say, people were a little creeped out.

Zig Zag can also purr if you pet him, blink, and will tilt his head when he is happy.

Beanie Boo’s are a growing production and are becoming very popular. I am very happy for this, because this means that more Beanie Boo’s will continue to be made. 🙂

My Beanie Boo Life

Obviously this blog is all about Beanie Boo’s. There isn’t much history on the Beanie Boo, other than they are a Ty Production and they were first released in 2008 and our still being produced today. The original seven were originally released in the UK, until November of 2009 when they were brought to the USA.

first seven beanie boo's
Original Seven UK Beanie Boo’s
Bamboo, Bubblegum, Coconut, Kiwi, Peanut, Slush and Waddles

2nd UK release
2nd UK release

First USA Beanie Boo’s

In 2011 these 6 inch stuffed animals won the “Best Toy Award” in the plush category at the 2011 Annual Learning Express convention.

Beanie Boo’s also come in smaller and larger sizes. They can come as keychains or 16 inch friends.


These friendly animals have been pleasing children and even teenagers for years. Although there are many different opinions on them, they’re still very popular and undeniably adorable. You either love them or you hate them. I, personally, love my Beanie Boo’s. I have been collecting them for two years now and will continue to. They have been with me through a lot of things. This blog is about my Beanie Boo life.